Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Peepers

Last night the spring peepers were out peeping in all their glory.  It had been a warm, humid day and conditions were perfect for them.  I thought about getting outside to try to record them singing, but I was tired and busy. etc, etc.  You know how it goes.

So I didn't.

This morning it is cold again, and there are tiny little flakes of snow flying through the air.  It's fore casted to be only about 4C all day, and we have the wood stove roaring once again.  A day to snuggle up with blankets and books, but not a day for spring peepers.  It seems I'll have to wait for the next warm spell to get out and record them.

Spring peepers require some pretty specific conditions to come out and grace us with their presence.  You generally will hear peepers on warm, wet spring nights, when night temperatures stay above 10C.  Peepers are nocturnal - that's why you hear them in the evening and during the night.  Amazingly, they can survive being frozen.  So, even when you can't hear the peepers, they are there, waiting.

Flooded, marshy fields are a perfect peeper habitat

The lesson I learned, or rather was reminded of,  from the wild swing in weather conditions is to take advantage of amazing things when they are happening.  Natural events like the peepers are ephemeral.  They don't last long, and you never know what the future may hold.  Snow, or otherwise.

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