Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Baby Steps

I like gardening, but I don't consider myself a gardener...yet.  I enjoy the results and I think I know a decent amount about plants and they way they grow, but I haven't had enough experience to claim the title of gardener.
Truth be told, I'm rather intimidated by my expanse of land on which I have to plant things.  I had gardens back in Tottenham - a small vegetable patch and a few perennial beds.  In comparison, my beds here are massive, and I certainly have the space to grow pretty much anything my heart desires.

The neglected vegatable garden

Last year we did nothing, and I mean nothing with the garden.  I was still feeling somewhat shell-shocked and with the baby it was difficult to get out and work in the yard.  It was also a brutal  year for bugs. This year my focus is the vegetable garden.  I will let the ornamental beds do what they want, and will keep them tidy and maybe plant a thing or two, but I have no real plans for them this season.

I have to take it one step at a time, and seeing as the vegetable garden will be the most productive, I'm starting there first.  This year will bring it's own trials, I'm sure, but I can't make excuses anymore.  Henry is older now, but he is also just learning to walk, and while amazing to watch, gives us a whole new set of challenges.  I embrace them though, because how else can I move forward?

And so, just as my young son is learning how to walk on his own two small feet, so will I tackle the vegetable garden.  I believe what I will yield will go far beyond simple tomatoes, carrots and peas.  I hope to find something of myself out there among the plants and soil that will sustain us through many seasons to come.

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