Every once in a while, I'm bound to use something that isn't mine.  Here's a list of those things.

Header Photo - Katie Penrose
Riveting turkey video - Rick Cole

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  1. “Maple Lake 365”
    I found your blog today and enjoyed reading about life around the Maple Lake area. The idyllic setting you have at your fingertips is priceless and your descriptions of the area and the people around you are both eerily familiar and heartening. It is a comfort to know that some of the good on this planet still remains and that not everything has been lost in the name of progress.
    Yes, snow, ice and many other wonderful examples of nature’s beauty do abound in a rural setting such as Maple Lake. While at times, when you are surrounded by the solitude of winter, it might seem like you are living the life of a pioneer; but I am sure those early morning sunrises, days of glistening ice particles that cover the surface of the lake and evening sunsets with the family make it all worthwhile.
    For many of those people who are destined to live in the ‘big’ cities, a location such as Maple Lake is a representation of their dreams - their view of Camelot - a haven where they can go to on weekends to escape the insensitivity of the concrete jungle. It is unfortunate that that option seems to have become increasingly difficult in today’s world of high-priced fuel and rising costs. It is far better situation to have the opportunity to live at Maple Lake and venture into the City when one desires, than having a trip to such a special place in the country only as a dream.
    I do appreciate your comment that traveling to the local market in Parry Sound is akin to an episode of Survival at certain times of the year, but given that the roads in the area have improved greatly over the past twenty years of so, I’m sure it beats fighting the traffic on the Don Valley Parkway or on Highway 401 at rush hour (or any other time, for that matter).
    And for a small boy - what a neat place to grow up - amidst the innocent wonders of nature! Winter or summer, Maple Lake is a world of its own and I am sure Henry will benefit greatly from his experiences over the coming years.
    Through the technological world of the Internet and thanks to blogs such as yours, many will have a chance to view what is getting harder to experience first-hand. As time goes by, I will be stopping by “Maple Lake 365” to read more about life in the country.
    Keep writing. All the Best!