Friday, April 13, 2012

The Sounds of Sunrise

If you follow me on facebook, you already know that I get up early enough to catch the sunrise and post photos of it almost every day.  I look forward to this time because for me it's an alone time, which these days are far and few between. 

Once out of bed, I peak around the shade in our room and, as was the case this morning, fly for the camera to take pictures of a beautiful, but fleeting sky.  As I step outside on to the deck, what I am most often struck by is not the purple-pink flames in the sky or the lake enrobed in golden mist.  It's the noise.

I am constantly surprised by how loud mornings are around here.  I wrote about the lake ice creaking and groaning and cracking during the winter, and now Spring has brought on it's own soundtrack.  The photos I take only tell one story.  They don't tell you about the gaggle of turkeys carrying on down the way, or the absolute cacophony of bird song or the grouse beating it's wings up in the bush.

Throughout the day there is a constant stream of sounds, birds chirping, the wind in the trees and red squirrels telling off anything and anyone who gets in their way.  The morning sounds are the most striking though.  Perhaps it's the juxtaposition of noise on such peaceful scenes, when no one else is around to listen, or maybe it's the fact that these are the first noises I've heard on a particular day, but whatever it is, it's a constant source of wonderment for me, and I look forward to what each new morning will bring.


  1. Maybe you could post a video with sound on one of your mornings. The iPad does a great job.

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  3. Your camera does a great job on your photos. They are glorious.

  4. Beautiful photos! Love your writing style too!!!