Monday, April 16, 2012

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

I'm sitting here writing this and listening to the rain pour down.  Complete with thunder and lightning, even.  Not our first thunderstorm of the year, (strangely we had some thunder and rain when there was still ice on the lake and snow on the ground), but our first spring thunderstorm.

Today will be a rainy day - grey and drizzly, with periods of more intense rain scattered throughout. We need the rain.  Long drizzly days build reservoirs deep in the soil to protect growing things against the dry days of summer to come.  Rain at this time of year puts a fresh sheen on all the new green.  It washes clean all the grit and grime that has accumulated over the winter.  Nature's street sweeper.

I love mornings like this. Quiet, and calm. No need to get up and rush and get busy. I always feel like I need to go and do when the weather is good.  Time to regroup. Time to drink another cup of coffee and read a little more while the baby naps.

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