Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking Out

This morning I was out running, ruminating on all the worries in my life.  I was too much in my own head.  Dwelling on things that I can't change, or things that really don't matter.

So, there I was, nunning along with a head full of generally negative thoughts.  I wasn't even particularly enjoying the run.   It was bitter cold and I was struggling with the brisk wind.  And then -  a rustle in the shrubs on the side of the road.  A flash of rusty orange in the corner of my eye. 

A fox!  And then I spotted a roly ball of fur a bit farther down the hillside. My immediate thought was that I'd interuppted this fox in a hunting session and the bit of fur was her prey. But no, it was a baby! And then two more kits ambled into view! A mama fox and her three kits.

All of my previous thoughts fled my mind and were replaced with being in the moment and enjoying this encounter. 

She quickly retreated into the low shrubs and immature white pines, and called for her babies.  They started rolling and ambling in her general direction in the unconcerned way that baby wildlife does.

I went up the road a ways, thinking that maybe she would come back into view.  She didn't, staying hidden and continuing to call her kits.  It didn't matter, this brief encounter buoyed me and I continued on my way feeling joyful.

Upon my return to the spot where the foxes had been, I slowed to a walk on my approach to the ridge, just in case I could spy this little family again.  I thought that they would have retreated to the fields and forest edge, away from my prying eyes.  But, no, there she was!  Lying on the hillside nursing two of her kits while the third rolled around in the dry grasses.  She blended almost seamlessly into the hillside, only her flicking black ear tips giving her away.  She gazed at me, on guard, and I made no motion to move in her direction.  Just a mama and her babies.

I finished my run with my eyes looking out.  I saw pockets of vibrant green on the forest floor, a pair of mallard ducks in the creek, a bird of prey soaring high in the sky over the fields. 

Looking in is important.  But looking out sustains me.  I miss so much when I fixate on the little things. 

So, keep looking out.  Make time to take in the big picture every day and you will see the things you need to see.

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  1. I love it when Mother Nature smucks you upside the head.