Maple Lake

For the natural history and nature enthusiasts.

Maple Lake is small with a surface area of just 201.3 hectares and a mean depth of 6.2 metres.  It's perimeter is 11.6 km. The nearest town is Parry Sound. The lake is populated by cottages and some homes and is quite busy during summer months.

Trees surrounding the lake include maple, white pine, cedar, birch, tamarack, jack pine.

Frequent larger animals of note include fox, deer and moose.

These are just my observations, I am sure there are more and varied flora and fauna present, I just haven't witnessed it yet.

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  1. Just want to comment how much I enjoy your posts. I'm very familiar with the area but unfortunately don't get the opportunity to visit often. Please keep us in the loop. It's very relaxing and soothing to see what's happening at the lake in all the seasons and see how someone adapts to the country life a lot of us dream about. Best wishes always.