Thursday, February 2, 2012

We are Sick and it Sucks

So, we're all sick.  And have been since Saturday.

 It's rough.

We have been watching waaay too much TV.  Netflix, couch and rocking chair are our best friends this week.

Here are some signs you've been watching too much TV.

1.  You've been watching too much Sons of Anarchy when you start thinking the man behind you in the cookie aisle is going to pull a gun and force you into a van, hold you for hostage and quite possibly try to kill your old man husband.

2.  You've  been watching too much X Files when...what was that?!?  What's that light?  What?

3.  You've been watching too much Mad Men when you question why you don't have a Scotch and cigarette in hand ...and it's ten a.m.

4.  You've been watching too much Top Gear U.K. when you run into town for baby Tylenol and Scotch  Advil and all of a sudden you are going 137 km per hour.  And you feel like gripping the wheel and spinning it.  On the highway.  That's not good.

Here's hoping I can start living my own life again real soon.

1 comment:

  1. When you are sick, you have permission to take it easy, change it up, and spoil yourself!
    In sympathy!
    Cheers from Cottage Country South East!
    /gramma of two, mom of 3!