Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I absolutely believe in karma - what goes around comes around...or however you prefer to phrase it.

Here are the two most recent incidents -

1.  The grocery store I go to has those carts that are all chained together - you know, the kind you have to insert a quarter to free it?  And then you get your quarter back when you are done?  Which makes you maddeningly have to carry a quarter with you every time?  Yeah, those.

I was on my way out of the store and packing my groceries into my trunk when a truck pulled in beside me.  The man popped out and said "I'll take that cart for you", I said sure and pushed it over.  He tried to give me a quarter, but really, it's just a quarter, and so I just gave it to him.  I was surprised at how surprised he  seemed over this.

Fast forward to two weeks later, and my husband dropped me off at the store and drove off with the baby to run other errands.  As  I reached into my pocket I realized...no quarter.  Stupid, stupid grocery store and your stupid, stupid carts!  I walked into the store and low and behold - a cart, free of its shackles sat there, just waiting for me.  That never happens!


2.  My husband was sick.  Made my baby sick.  Then my husband got sick again.  Saturday night I made a crack about how I am apparently the only one in the household with a functioning immune system.  I felt superior.  Smug.  Strong.  

And now I feel....like shit.

That's right.  Karma.

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