Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sunday is on the Horizon

This coming Sunday is my son's first birthday and it's all I can think about.  Not because I have so much to do to prepare for it yet, but because I am astonished at how fast the year has passed.

From this -

To this -

And now this -

There was a time when I wasn't sure I wanted to be a mother, and now I can't imagine ever not being a mom.  This is so incredibly cliche, but having Henry completed me.  Not in a way where I feel I couldn't live without him or something (but, really I couldn't), but in a way that he was a missing piece of a puzzle that I didn't know existed.

I felt the same way after I met my husband.  It just fits.

Henry, thank you for choosing me.

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  1. I remember those days well when you sounded so sure that having children probably wasn't for you. I'd listen, smile, nod ... all the while completely disagreeing with you. So glad you stepped into motherhood - it suits you perfectly. :)