Sunday, January 27, 2013


I'm trying to like winter.  I really, really am.
And I do.  I love it when I get to stay home and only go outside when I choose.  I like it when the flakes fall softly down, and there are skaters silently gliding on the lake.  I love the snow covered tree branches.
Last year, I was a winter-lover, but this year, having to drive so much more, and having to go outside when I don't want to, well, I am seeing the bad side of winter.  The slush and ice covered roads.  The frigid temperatures.  I'm longing for spring, but trying to live in the moment and take in the beauty that surrounds me.  I'm going too fast these days, though, and am finding it difficult.

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  1. When I was younger, much younger than I am now I liked winter. There were things to do that made it pass, skating on the pond, hockey both at the arena in town and at home. Driving has never been fun but I did eventually get pretty good at it. The older I got the less I liked winter. The outdoor activities went away and were replaced by work and chores around the house. That's when winter lost it's shine for me. Call it age or maturity but I came to hate winter and those things that would make it go from that to almost rage. The working for hours to clear the driveway only to have it filled in again by the plow. Cars that didn't like to start or that were frozen shut. As I sit here today in my Arizona home I still dislike winter but here I find myself saying things like, "this isn't cold", or "what are you going to do when winter gets here?." I coud drive a couple hours from here and see more snow than what falls in Ontario but I choose not to. I am good with my memories.