Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Ghost Day

Today was a ghost of a day. 
The rain was heavy and the fog thick.  These kind of layers always make me feel disconnected from the land.  Like I am floating in an in-between space. 
While walking there is a great unnatural stillness.  Driving, you move into nothingness, just a small stretch of road visible before you.
Landmarks are unknown and unfamiliar.
It's hard to feel centered on this earth when the spaces you know so well are transformed. Maneuvering on a deeply foggy day is quite like moving through uncertain times in your life.
Sometimes we move through our own lives like ghosts, fear or apprehension of the unknown creates a layer between us and our reality.  It can become hard to see your way.
Just as with walking through the fog, you just keep going and keep faith that soon you`ll glimpse something recognizable, solid and sure, and all will become clear.

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