Monday, January 14, 2013

Ice, Snow

Winter weather has returned once again. 

We had quite a few days that were well above seasonal temperatures.  The lake was covered in standing water, and snow banks were decimated.

Last night we had a burst of freezing rain and then light flurries off and on until this evening.  There is more snow forecasted for tomorrow.

Being that it is still January - and only the middle of January, this is just fine with me.  We need the frosty winter to truly appreciate Spring when it finally decides to truly grace us with it's presence. 

Until then, I look forward to invigorating days and cozy nights.


  1. I used to both love and hate the Jan thaw. It was a nice break but it also signaled the start of real winter coming to lay a beating on everyone.

  2. Hello Cindy sent me from Ontario Blogger Day I am in Eastern Ontario and it is cold and no snow. I hope it snows soon. Beautiful pic of the tree. B