Thursday, January 5, 2012


I am reformed winter-hater.

This is my first winter on Maple Lake. I've visited - but never stayed long enough to become well acquainted with winter here. Winter is different here.  Winter is lovely, bright and full of beauty.

I didn't use to think like this.  Previously, my winters have been spent cursing the snow, freezing temps and slushy roads. I hated winter.

Almost everyday there is a spectacular sunrise over the lake.  Even if the day turns out to be overcast or otherwise nondescript, there is always something to look at on the eastern horizon in the early hours of the day.  Pinky orange flares highlight new snow on branches and reflect on ice.  The other morning, the sky was the most perfect shade of lavender.  The ice was completely transformed.  Sunrise is magic.

The days sparkle and shimmer.  The light in the forest is fantastic.  The snow glows.  The birches sing.  It's inspiring and fills my heart and soul with hope.  It makes me feel that if nothing else, there is this.  And this is perfect.

Late afternoon light wanes, catching and illuminating snow on pine needles.  Again, I'm taken with the perfect beauty.  Every view is a post card.

Evening comes on and everything changes again.  The night is crisp and full of memories.  A starry deep indigo sky above a pine skyline.  It's frigid, but it doesn't bother me - not anymore.

Inside, my baby son squeals in laughter while playing with my husband.  Outside, the night goes on, trees creaking and ice booming, growing deeper, waiting for the sunrise that will always come.


  1. Beautiful pictures!
    We miss our cottage ( on Maple lake :))!!! We can't wait until we can use it year round. Winter looks beautiful there.

  2. Really enjoyed your blog. Funny and sensitive.