Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Feel Like a Pioneer Girl in Five Easy Steps

1.  Move to an old house on a lakefront in the middle of a forest.  It helps if you are seven weeks post-partum and aren't planning on working outside the home.

2.  Do zero in the way of upgrades to said house.  Watch the icicles form along the eaves and feel the cool breeze from your crappy windows.

3.  Start relying on a wood stove to partially heat your home.  You also have an oil furnace, but the wood stove helps take the edge off.  Plus oil is brutally expensive, and since most of the heat is escaping from the roof anyway (see #2), you'll need the wood stove.

4.  Have your husband go away for business for an extended period of time to a fun, big city and get to do fun, exciting things.  Like see other humans.

5.  Start hauling wood inside because it's freaking cold.  Viola! You're a pioneer! 

Stay tuned for other posts in this series - "Things I Shouldn't Have to Do"

1 comment:

  1. Hilarious! I read this and had a mixture of sympathy and longing to do the same! Good luck hauling wood during the coming snow storm.
    - Jess