Monday, May 14, 2012


This year spring seems so long.  I think it's because we've been without snow since February.  Everything seemed to take so long to start growing, but really, it's been a normal progression.  We are in the full swing of things now, though.

Every tree has leafed out - alders first and birch being the last.  Everything else in between. Every tree in the forest now has fresh green baby leaves.  Forget-me-nots and violets are blooming, and the hostas are up - in my experience they are some of the last to emerge from the cold soil.

The blackflies are here, but they're really not bad at all (fingers crossed they stay that way), and there have been a few mosquitoes around.

This is really my favourite time of year.  Everything is fresh and new.  All the leaves are still perfect, no insects have started eating them. 

I hope wherever you are, you are enjoying these beautiful May days.

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