Friday, May 18, 2012


With the help of my wonderful grandparents, I now have carrots and parsnips planted.  I also have more knowledge about HOW to go about planting a large garden.  I know now how I've wronged the poor peas.  Live and learn.

The soil is primarily clay, which is challenging to work with.  Hopefully as the years go on, the soil will slowly improve, with the addition of additives such as peat moss and compost.  The garden lay barren all last season, so it's not prime ground for planting right now. 

I am looking forward to more planting next week.

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  1. Your Granddad will make sure you have a good garden and it looks like he is enjoying every second. I remember always having a small garden at the various places we lived. I have been thinking about trying some stuff here but the seasons here are different. You grow from early Oct to late Dec. for veggies. Too hot in the summer months for most stuff but my citrus trees love it. By Dec I have more fresh lemons and oranges than I can use. I usually take bags and bags of oranges to the food banks.