Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our Mystery

Saturday morning, Clare woke up saying "owl, owl, owl".  She was pointing at the window in our room and over the edge of the bed.  She seemed surprised to find there was no owl in the room and was clearly trying to tell me that there was *something* going on in that room.  We lay in bed for a little while, and she kept on with "owl" and pointing.  To the ceiling, to the window, and continually to the floor beside the bed.
This morning, upon waking, Henry and I found a feather in our living room.  It's a few inches long and is not from one of our down comforters or jackets, Nor is it a craft feather.  It definitely came in from outside.
I'm not sure exactly what is going on, but as Henry said, "we"ll have to keep our eyes open!"