Monday, July 16, 2012

A Mid-Summer Dream of Swords

I had a dream about the old general store at Swords last week.  In it, someone was restoring the entrance, and it was all locked up - everything changed.

I am often by Swords on my runs, and so I had to go around the back for a peak at the door in my dream. It was changed.  The tether that keeps the door latched was gone.  I'm not sure what else has changed - if anything.

Swords right now is leafy green and lush.  The only building making is presence fully known is the general store.  The others are shrouded in the verdant leaves of summer.  The second house isn't even visible from the road.  One would not know it, or its outbuildings existed, so deeply hidden in the woods they are. 

Summer holds Swords' secrets close.  And the deer flies and mosquitoes make sure no one sticks around too long to investigate further.

Look close and you can see the peak of the blood red staircase in the second house. Every time this staircase catches my eye, my stomach flips.  I'm always caught off guard.

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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I would SO love to explore that!