Friday, July 27, 2012

Garden Update

The weeds continue to thrive.  Henry and I were out today to try to put a dent in them.  I have found something that will keep him occupied - I pulled the car around, and he sat in the driver's seat playing quite happily for half an hour.  He loves to "drive".

-corn has tassels
-onions are doing whatever they do
-carrots are thriving (we thinned some and enjoyed some baby carrots)
-there is finally some action in the parsnip row
-the artichoke plants are HUGE
-broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts plants are hanging in there
-pepper plants are taking off
-the few bean plants that came up are making beans!
-flowers on both melon and cucumber plants
-heirloom tomatoes continue to ripen

I'm thrilled by the experience.  Yes, the weeds are frustrating and I spend entirely too much time thinking about them, BUT, I am happy with my garden and every little sprout and every little vegetable that comes from it. 

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