Monday, February 9, 2015

Still Waiting to Wake Up

Do you ever have dreams that seem so real that when you wake up there's a moment or two where you're not quite sure if what just happened during sleep is actually reality? 

I do. Something terrible happens to my kids, or my husband, and I wake up panicked.  A flood of relief follows when it turns out to be all a dream. 

My mom died on Thursday, January 29.  

My sister called me around four in the afternoon with the terrible news.  A car accident.  Immediate death. 

Since that call, my life, the lives of my siblings and my family have been turned completely upside down. No time to breathe, we ran a metaphorical marathon last week toward her funeral. So many details and so much work.   And the work doesn't stop now. There is a long, long painful road ahead of us. 

I just keep waiting to wake up.  


  1. Take each day one at a time. The things to take care of do not stop with the funeral. You are an organized person and you and your siblings will deal with what needs to be done in the days ahead, then you will be able to rest, reflect and begin to heal. The worst is over. Anyone that has been through it will tell you it never is easy. Lean on each other.


  2. You've got this. A terrible tragedy and I can't even imagine your sorrow and how it's changed EVERYTHING. Cherish your littles, your family and your love. You CAN do this Kristine. Each day is a new day, some will be harder than others, but you have each other. Your mom was a beautiful person, who gifted you some of that very same beauty. Always make her proud :-) Thinking of you. CB

  3. Life is made up of many moments. Some remarkable, some more challenging. All are precious. You are loved by many Kristine. I hope the strength of our love will help you through this moment. Gary