Sunday, March 17, 2013


What is normal anyway?
Today I'm talking specifically about the weather.  As I was saying in my last post, it's cold again.  Snow is flying and spring is seemingly far away.
I'm not complaining, but others are.
We were spoiled last year by an extremely early spring.  This time last year, temperatures were already in the teens.  By the end of March we were having consistent mid-20 degree weather.  That's certainly not normal.
The warm and early spring stretched into a summer that was long and very dry.  It didn't really rain much at all during July.  We had trees turning brown in late August.  The spring and summer months put a considerable stress on the natural environment.
In my un-expert opinion, I think the longer it stays cooler this year, the better.  The trees and other plants need time to rest after the difficult growing season of last year.
I'll take a longer winter if it might mean a lusher more vibrant and healthy summer.

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