Monday, February 25, 2013


It's no secret that I really enjoy mornings.  I have always been a morning person.  There are days when I do more before 9 a.m. than I accomplish for the rest of the day.  I like to rise early  during the week (usually around 5 a.m.) to run and enjoy some peace before the rest of the house wakes.
I love being awake to watch the sun rise.  It is a very important thing to me, and one that has really only developed since since moving to Maple Lake.  I've always loved morning, though.
Mornings hold a power that no other time of day does.  Being awake before any one else brings a peace and serenity to me that I struggle to find throughout the rest  of the day.  At sunrise, anything is possible.  Mornings are when we make a choice.  Will it be a good day?  Bad?  Nondescript?
I try every day to choose positivity.  A sunrise is a clean slate.  Anything is possible, and if you're like me and up before anyone else, no one is there to tell you "no".  At sunrise my mind is completely my own, and it's absolutely bursting with possibility.

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