Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Old Logging Trail

This morning we set out for a hike along the old logging trail behind my in law's  house.

The trail was (and still is) used as access to the woodlot, and about twenty years ago was logged commercially.  The ruts you see in this picture were created twenty years ago.

We supplement our oil heat with wood, so the trees back here are of interest to us.  Rick and his dad cut selectively, only taking trees that have come down on their own, or are old and dying.  There are some very old trees here, some far too large to cut down.

Running parallel to the trail is the small river that connects the beaver ponds.  We were beyond the second beaver pond when I heard water rushing.  I made my way toward the sound and could see farther up where the water opened up into yet another beaver pond.  We didn't go much father than this, but there is still plenty of exploring to do.


  1. Beautiful photos. Happy exploring!

  2. Great stuff. Love seeing your explorations.