Tuesday, June 12, 2012

By the Riverbank

We have been avoiding our afternoon and evening adventures lately for a few reasons.

1.  Bugs
2.  Too hot
3.  Bugs
4.  Too wet
5.  Everything has grown up so it makes navigation off the path difficult
6.  Bugs

This afternoon was cooler and the wind was up, so we set off across the field to see what we could see.  I wanted to get to the falls, but the growth in the field off the path was just too thick and full of raspberry and blackberry canes.  I was wearing shorts and didn't feel like tearing my legs up!

We managed to get through the forest a bit and down to the river by walking north along the upper bank.  I wanted to double back along the lower bank to the falls, but it was wet and muddy, and again the growth was too thick.

The bugs were still bad, and I managed to still tear my legs up, but it was nice to get out in the sunshine with my sweet little raccoon.

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