Thursday, March 29, 2012

These Grey Days

Here's the problem with an early blast of summer in March - when the weather settles down again into normalcy,  it can suck the life right out of you.  It's grey, it's cold, it's blah.  This morning there wasn't even a hint of colour on the horizon.

Today's high is forecasted to be 6C, and when we awoke it was hovering around 0.  We went out for a quick walk and it started snowing.  We were not impressed.

All of this is part of normal end of March weather, I guess, but I don't have to be thrilled with it. 

I'm desperate to get outside for walk and hikes (my husband just told me about a beaver pond his dad found in the woods behind his house), but the biting wind and rain and snow keeps us indoors - at least for today.

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